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John Harbo.

I am born in 1956 in Hjarbæk close to the town Viborg in Jutland Denmark. I was married to Charlotte April 1 1989. Together we have 4 children: Line, Jakob, Anna and Emma. My interests are shipping, computers and traveling. From 1978 - 1981 I was in the Danish Defense. I am a skilled electrician and I have been have been working for ER Electric (today YIT) for 12 years as a High Voltage Switch Gear installer. In that period (1981 - 1993) I was employed as an Installation Supervisor and was traveling in Scandinavia, Germany, Faeroe Islands and Saudi Arabia. Thereafter on March 1 2003 I started to work for Crisplant A/S (today FKI Logistex) as a Commissioning Engineer, Later as Commissioning Mgr, Hotline Engineer and Hotline Mgr. I have been traveling in Europe, Asia and USA. 


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