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I have posted some of my paintings at my personal HomePage: www.lineharbo.com

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I am a young woman from Randers, Denmark, Europe. I've lived in the U.S. of A. for 1½ year in Walkersville, Maryland with my family. I moved back to Denmark July 12th, 2002, because it was my wish to become a Student from Randers Stats Skole (http://www.rs-gym.dk/). I am now studying at Aalborg Seminarium (http://www.aalsem.dk/) to become a Teacher. I am in my 3rd of 4 years of study. I live together with my boyfriend Kennet in a small appartment in Randers.

In my spare time I play volleyball, and hang out with my friends. I Love spending time with my friends, but who doesn't? Since I live in Denmark now and not in the U.S.A. I can't talk with all of my friends everyday, so I go online on AOL. If you have AOL my screen name is Ln01vbGirl86. If you want to contact me in some other way, I have an email address, and that is line@harbo.org and I am also on Messenger or msn 2


Anne_Sofie_2.jpg (20125 bytes) This is my cousin Anne Sofie.. (Click on her picture and you'll go right to her homepage)

Nicolai_20.jpg (13407 bytes) And this is my other cousin Nicolai.. (Click on hi's picture and you'll go right to his homepage)

Line_og_Charlotte_og_barnedab.jpg (27864 bytes) This is me and my mother at my baptism day.


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