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Family and friends


John's mother John's mother Gerda lives in Randers at Solbakken.





Charlottes mother Charlottes mor Karin. Bor i Hornbæk ved Randers.





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Charlottes older brother

Charlotte's older brother Peter Harbo and his family Lone, Nicolai and Anne Sofie has their own homepage: www.famharbo.dk




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Charlottes younger brother

Charlotte's younger brother Mads and his family Helle and Victor.



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Johns younger brother

John's younger brother Frank and his family Merete and Louise are living in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. 




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Johns baby sister

John's younger sister Kirsa, her husband Lars and their daughter Nanna.


John's cousin John's cousin Jens Søndergaard and his family.




Our friends

Nicklas, Nadja,

Dorte and Mogens 

Our lifelong friends Mogens and Dorthe's. This picture of the family is taken on the Tobago Cays. Mogens, Dorthe, Nicklas and Nadja left from Aarhus June 10. 2000 on a circumnavigation of the globe on the ship Naveren. They returned to Aarhus 1 year later. The ship Naveren continued the circumnavigation of the globe. You can see the position of the ship here: www.naveren.dk




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Our friends:

Willy, Kamma and Ann Sofie


Our friends Willy and Kamma lives in Assentoft nearby our home town Randers.


Our friends:

Gitte and Kim

Our friends Gitte and Kim and Sofie.

URL: www.rasmussen-usa.net




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Our friends Ueli, Ruth, Salome and Jonas

Ueli (Ulrich), Ruth, Salome and Jonas are living in Auenstein, Switzerland. John became friend with Ueli during his stay in Saudi Arabia 1981 - 1983. Both families tries to meet every year. This picture is from the Mediterranean 2001. Ueli works for ABB.





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Our friends: Connor, Andrea and Thomas John has been working with Thomas for several years for Crisplant A/S. Initially Thomas and John was Commissioning 6 shoe sorters for WAL*MART Stores, USA. This lasted 9 month. After that they both were Commissioning a large project in Maine, USA: 2 large sorters for L.L.Bean. Since L.L.Bean, they have both been doing several jobs, mostly in USA. Today John and Thomas are working for Crisplant Inc. Check out the Klerckes Homepage.



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