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Welcome to our diary year 2002.

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December 31

We spent the evening at home together with Karin and Line. It was a quiet evening, but funny too. We played pakkeleg, and had much fun.


December 28 and December 29

December 28 we celebrated Karin's birthday. In the afternoon we went up to Cunningham Falls for a long walk. Karin had invited us to dinner at Outback. Karin told us that this birthday was her first birthday (as she can remember) where she wasn't at home having guests d cooking herself.

December 29 we were supposed to go to church at 1030, but the ceremony showed up to be in another church. When we found the other church we decided not to enter the church because we were 35 minutes late. In the afternoon John, Jakob, George and Brandon went the Washington DC Carshow. Charlotte, Karin, Line, Anna, Emma, Cindi and Sarah went to the outlet in Hagerstown to shop.

Jakob spent the night at Wirricks.

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Anna had her last day with the scouts.

Jakob and John went to the movie's to see the new Harry Potter. The weekend after we all went to the movie's. Charlotte and the girls saw Santa Claus 2 and John and Jakob saw James Bond

Line and Karin arrived in Dulles December 17. John and Jakob went to pick them up.

We have sold our swing set to our neighbor for $200. John has mounted it in their backyard.

It started snowing December 24 and did not stop again before in the afternoon of December 25. Once in a while it wasn't snow but rain, which made it very difficult to drive.

The Wirrick's came over for Julefrokost December 25.

Jakob, John, George and Brandon went to see the Lord of the Rings, the 2 Towers.

John has been of work Tuesday and Wednesday.



John went to Burlington/NJ Tuesday. Came back same day. This week is very cold: down to under freezing point during night, and not over 8 C day! Tuesday Charlotte went to Glade Elementary School.


October 21 through November 17

Long time no writing!

In the weekend  25 and 26 of October Jakob played his last soccer game in the fall tournament. Sunday October 26 Charlotte and Cindi went to Walkersville Fire Rescue Department Basket Bingo. Neither Charlotte nor Cindi won anything. This even in spite that they both were carrying 2 tickets, since Dawn and Maura couldn't participate. Jakob was at the dentist on October 31 for the first time in 1,5 years. On Glade Elementary Schools Anna was in a Halloween parade. All the schools kids were dressed out. In the evening Jakob, Anna, Emma, Mark and Charlotte went out to Trick or Treat. This goes on from 6p to 8 p. They came back, very tired but with lots of candy. Monday October 28 Charlotte started to look after Sarah, both in the morning and in the evening, because Cindi started at her new job. Emma is very pleased with this. Sarah is her best friend, and they play very well together.

Monday  Nov. 4. and Tuesday Nov. 5. school were closed. Sarah and Brandon were here the hole day, so the kids were having fun. John was in LA these days. Came home Wednesday Nov.6. On Friday November  8 we went to a Soccer party. We all played soccer. Adults against the boys. The adults won!!! The next day, on Saturday, Anna and Charlotte were participating in a 5K run, 3.1 miles, at Glade Elementary School. Anna wanted to join the long distance. After 1 min in the race, she regrets her choice, so Charlotte had to drag her almost the hole way. After 42 min they passed the goal. Anna got a medal and was very proud. While Anna and Charlotte were running, Jakob went with George to a soccer tournament in Boonsboro. We were all supposed to go up and see the last game, but only Charlotte went. John had to stay close to the toilet, and the girls didn't want to go. The boys played very well, but they did not pass for the finals.

Anna and Emma went to Sarah's birthday party on Sunday November 10. CH and John were shopping in WAL*MART, and Brandon visited Jakob. Anna had a girlfriend to sleep over from Friday to Saturday. Kristian and Kathyn came out for dinner. We were planning the Julefrokostsammenskudsgilde. Saturday October 16 Charlotte and john  went to BonTon to buy service. Charlotte had found a beautifully design with snowmen. In the evening Charlotte and john went to the Long's to play Bunko. Jakob and Brandon took care of the girls that night, and Brandon stayed the night over. Sunday Jakob, Brandon and john went Best Buy to buy a new DVD player to replace the CD player that went defective in Jakobs PC.

Saturday we posted our cars for sale. The van was left at the parking lot at Safeway with For Sale signs. 1 hour later the van disappeared (was towed). We got it back after having paid $127! Next weekend we will make sure to check for signs with restrictions.

The front door is locking up, more and more often, so we have to use the garage as entrance for the house. John called Frank with whom he hadn't spoken to for 2 years.

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October 7 through October 20

The last 2 weeks have been very quiet. John was traveling to Iowa Monday through Wednesday. Thursday 10/10 we were at Anna's schools for the Parents Teacher meeting to hear and talk about Anna. Anna is performing well.  Friday 10/11 we visited the Egeberg's for dinner. Jakob was a little sick during our visit and had to throw up. Not all went right were Jakob wanted it. And Jakob fell on his back as long as his is. Though he was OK next day were he was playing soccer and made goal. Sunday 10/13 we went to Thurmont Color Fest. The whole city was one big party with a lot of food and craft stands. Live music and square dance too. Thursday and Friday 10/17 and 10/18 Jakob and Anna was of school. Thursday we went to Walkersville Middle School to talk to Jakob's teachers. Jakob is performing real well. No problems. Friday Dorte and her 3 daughters were here. Charlotte and Dorte cooked 'Leverposteg". Jakob couldn't wait tasting it, so he had it hot from the oven. Friday we went to Costco's were Charlotte purchased 3 'nice' X-mas pillows. Saturday Charlotte and John were cleaning up/out in the basement. Jakob was again playing soccer. Sunday we went to the Corn Maze and got lost. It was very funny walking around in this large maze, trying to find all the 16 posts. It took us 1 hour to find the all! After that we went to Frederick Fairground's Craft and Car show. In the evening we cooked 'Risengrød' for the kids. Big success!!



October 5 and October 6

Saturday: Emma was at Sofie's birthday party while the rest of us went to the Frederick City Party. Jakob was playing soccer in the afternoon, and he scored his first goal this season, and they won 2-1. In the evening Charlotte and John  was invited to Housewarming at the Long's. There were 120 invited, and we believe that about 100 showed up. Kevin stayed with Jakob, to take care of the girls.

Sunday: Got up a little late. We went up to the C&O Canal and biked up the Tow path, from 4 miles south of Harpers Ferry to 1 mile north of Harpers Ferry. Late afternoon we went to Toys Are Us to buy some stuff for the kids. We had dinner at the Mexican Restaurant Casa Rico.



September 29 through October 4

We went to Harpers Ferry to have lunch, but traffic was bumper to bumper, so we decided to try somewhere else. We didn't have much luck, but we did find a place where we ate our lunch. In the evening we said good bye to Finn and Veronika. John took them to Dulles airport. We received E-mail from Veronika Monday afternoon. They were safe back in Denmark, but without their luggage, as always. Tina Jønsson arrived Tuesday and stayed with us for 3 days. We celebrated Tina's birthday Wednesday 10/2. Tina left again with the Greyhound bus bounded for NY-NY Thursday evening. Tina is the daughter of one of Charlotte's former colleagues in Denmark. Tina is on her way back to Denmark, after having spent 4 month in Florida.



September 16 through September 28

John and Lars fixed the van Monday Sep. 16. The belt tensioner was defective and was replaced together with a new belt. Total costs was $90. We went to Harpers Ferry on Saturday and brought lunch, which were consumed on rocks in the middle of the river. Saturday the Tuckers were invited for dinner. Kirsa and Lars left from Dulles on Sunday 9/22. On Tuesday 9/24 John picked up Finn and Veronika in Dulles. Finn is here for some Service Managers meetings. Finn and Veronika is staying with us during this week. Jakob had to leave school on Thursday because he did not feel well. John went to pick him up, because Charlotte and Veronika were somewhere shopping and wasn't reachable. Bente gave birth to a baby girl 1204 Friday night. Finn and Veronika went to Baltimore Friday 9/27 to visit their friend Joan.



September 8 through September 15

Kids were of school Tuesday due to election. John went to Dulles Thursday to pick up Kirsa and Lars. Kirsa and Lars had been 4 days in NY/NY including on Sep. 11. Charlotte, Emma, Kirsa and Lars went shopping most of Friday. Friday evening we had invited Cindi, George, Sarah and Brandon to dinner. George mixed the drinks, Cindi brought the Beans and Potatoes and John prepared the grilled Tenderloin.  Saturday we went to Jan and Kristine's wedding in Philadelphia. Our van broke down only 4 miles from home. We had to get help from Mark Vegh. Wedding went well. Emma was 1 of the 2 flower girls. The other flower girl was the daughter of  Christina Meyers: Victoria. The ceremony is almost like a Danish ceremony. Only real difference is the more modern music. We stayed at Hampton Inn, Swedesboro, NJ, and had planned to visit downtown Philadelphia Sunday, but because of the van's condition we choose to travel back to MD. Only 3 miles from Walkersville the car broke down again. John could fix it but needed tools for it so we called Maura Tucker to come and pick up John  and bring him back to Walkersville. The van is still partly defective. Need new parts. Will be fixed Tuesday.



August 26 through September 7

Temperature his has been better and humidity is back on a normal level. Anna and Jakob is back in school, and Charlotte has started to exercise at the Y. Emma is in the playroom at the Y 4 times every week as Charlotte exercises. Soccer season is back and Jakob is back on the same team. Jakob played his first soccer game Saturday 9/7. The lost 4-3 but the team seems to be a good team, so we are hoping for more success this season compared to last season. John has been traveling a little: to Burlington, NJ and to Philadelphia, PA. We have started to search for the cheapest tickets back to DK for Charlotte, Jakob, Anna and Emma in January 2003. Right now the price for all 4 is $2600 with SAS to Århus. We still havent decided how long time John will stay behind in the US. We are calling Line every weekend. Line seems to do fine. She misses us and she misses Andrew. Charlotte met Andrew's mother in Safeway the other day, and Andrew's mother asked if Line could join the family on their vacation in CA in July 2003. We have decided that would be OK, so we E-mailed Line and told her. John has recorded the first 2 Video tapes made with our new Video camera on CD's, and shipped to Peter and Lone. 1 hour on each CD in an acceptable quality. 3rd tape has been recorded to HD and will be burned and mailed together with the 4th tape when full. John has also recorded 20 minutes describing our home and cars and sent to Fætter Finn Bøvling. Last weekend was Labor weekend and we were invited to the Tuckers for a cook out. We enjoyed the party toghether with some friends of the Tuckers.



August 18 through August 25

This has been another very hot and humid week. The kids are bored and wants to back to school. Jakob and Anna has got their school supplies restocked, and Anna has got a new school bag. Jakob has been equipped with new clothes. Jan Krogh and Kristine Kelly came out to visit us Tuesday. They wanted to ask Emma if she would like to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. Of course Emma was very interested specially because Kristine brought magazines with her, showing brides dress and bridesmaids dress. Thursday Charlotte took the kids to  Chuck-E Cheese where they again they spent 3 hours playing on different machines. John was working on Emma's computer Saturday. The computer is now almost ready, but only needs a little fine-tuning. We are still missing a monitor for it. The temperature did become a little more pleasant the night to Saturday. Early morning Saturday thunder and lightning started, and the first rain for more than 1.5 month was a reality. Charlotte has harvested the last tomatoes. The yield has been very high. The fact is though that Charlotte and John did not eat 1 single tomato at all. They are still on the non carbohydrate diet.


August 11 through August 17

This has been another quiet week. Thursday Charlotte, Anna, Emma and some Danish friends went up to the Catoctin  ZOO and spend the day. They did see something special: a "wild" snake trying to swallow a live, bleeding and very large frog. The weather changed to the worse again: temperature raised to between 35 and above 40 with a heat index above 100F. Humidity was very high, and it is isn't a pleasant thing being outside. AC is mostly running all time. Only nights it sometimes turns off for some minutes.




August 5 through August 10

This has been a quiet week. The temp went from the daily 40 to 30 C, including the humidity! It was a release to be able to open doors and let the wind inside our house. We turned the AC of.  The kids are a little bored right now and wants to go back to school. Jakob and John went to the movies to se MIB II. Charlotte took the kids to Chuck-E Cheese where they spent 3 hours playing on different machines. Charlotte had a flat tire this week, and called John at work to come and help her change the wheel. When John got there Charlotte nearly finished up the work.




July 28 through August 4

Charlotte, Anna and Emma has spend the whole week at Girl Scout Camp in Pennsylvania. Charlotte volunteered to help out. The weather has been good, although VERY hot and humid: temperatures between 38 and 42 C every day! All 3 girls slept very well every night!

Saturday we all went to Frederick Foregrounds. We saw a lot of fantastic hand crafted stuff. Charlotte bought a very nice (and beautiful) hand quilted blanket.



July 24 and July 27

Anna's birthday. She turned 8. We woke her up singing the birthday song. After the song she opened her presents. Anna had decided to eat at Burger King in the evening. Both girls love the Burger King place because of a large playground, and the MIB presents. (This time sunglasses)

July 27 Anna had invited some of her friends over for her party.



July 17 to July 21

Jakob has been on Soccer Camp Monday through Friday from 830 to 1230. The temperature still in the lower 90's with high humidity. Jakob also went to division 1 tryout Tuesday evening. 

The girls has been using the pool a lot.

Saturday CH and John went to Kristian Toft's birthday, and Jakob took care of the girls.

We have been in contact with Line every day via E-mail, Messenger or phone.


July 16.

CH wanted to move the lawn but ran into the cord for the pump for the swimming pool, and damaged it. It was a very hot day with 35C as high. Very humid too. CH brought John's (the girls PC) to John's work. One of John's colleagues tried to fix the problem without luck.


July 15.

First day on our (CH and John's) carbohydrate diet. Nice weather with 30C. Jakob began on his soccer school. It runs for 5 days from 8 to 1230pm. One of the assistant trainers is Andrew.


July 13. Arriving in DK.

We woke up early to await Peter calling us from DK. Peter called 8am. Mads, Helle and victor and Mogens and Nadja was in Billund to receive Peter, Lone, Anne Sofie, Nicolai and Line and to help with all the luggage.

Today Anna really started to use her new room.


July 12. Line leaving

Lines last day in USA. Peter, Lone, Anne Sofie, Nicolai and Line left from Dulles airport at 5pm. We all went to say goodbye. The van was fully loaded with 8 suitcases, carry on luggage and 10 persons. The car was a lot lighter when we returned to Walkersville with only 5 persons in side. Of course it wasn't easy to say goodbye, and i believe we all shed tears. Anna was the most affected, and she was very sad all the way back to Walkersville. She gained a little when she realized that Lines room now was her room. In the evening Anna went early to bed in her new room.



July 11. Potomac Mills Mall

We all went to the Potomac Mills Mall and spent the whole day there.



July 10. Lines farewell party

Peter and John went to Glade Golf Course to play golf (Peter). Peter wanted to test the new clubs that he had bought for Mads, and at the same time make these look a little used.

Line held her farewell party. Line had invited her closest friends and her boyfriend Andrew. Kristian Toft and his 2 sons Emil and Morten also came over to say goodbye.



July 9. Washington DC

Spent all day in DC.


July 5 to July 7: New York

We all went to NY/NY 3 days. Stayed at Hampton Inn at Newark Airport. We spent the whole Friday afternoon in Central Park. We had a wonderful day in this beautiful park. Saturday we went back to Manhattan and parked the car at the corner of 8th and 42nd, took the Subway to Ground Zero and used the whole day to walk back to the car. Sunday we went to the Statue of Liberty.


July 4

We were invited to Mark Vegh for a cook out. Arrived at 5 pm and stayed until 915 pm where we all went to Baker Park to see the firework. The kids went to the lake at Balker Park and rented boats.


July 3

We spent the day at Cunningham Falls and in our backyard were the kids were playing in the pool.


July 2

Peter, Lone, Nicolai and Anne Sofie arrived. John went to Reagan National to pick them up. They were 3 hours delayed due to bad weather in Miami.


July 1

July 1 was John's birthday. 46 years young.


June 16 to July 1

We have installed our pool. I became an instant success, not only for the Girls but also for the Girls friends. Even Jakob and his friends are using the pool to be cooled of.

John's vacation started 6/26. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC Thursday until Sunday. It has been very warm: 35C/93F for the last 2 weeks.

We spend the day preparing for Peter and Lone's arrival.


June 9 to June 15

It has been a quiet week. Sunday we went to Jakob's soccer team pool party. Wednesday Jakob had invited 3 friends over for his birthday party. Eating the birthday cake at 4, pizzas at 6 and popcorn in the movies at 7! Line spends a lot of time together with her (boy) friend Andrew. John and Charlotte has spent some time at the Y together. Also Saturday where John started up his weight training program. In this writing moment John's muscles are very sore!



June 8

John, CH, Emma and Anna went to pick strawberries. Lot's of strawberries this year. It took 20 minute to pick 3 kg.


June 7

Last school day for all 3 kids.


June 5 and 6

John went to New Jersey both days. Anna went to school in pajamas. (Pajamas day)

June 4

Anna got all her proficiency badge's at her last day this season at the Penn Laurel, 1046 Girls Scouts.


June 3

Charlotte and John went to Walkersville Middle School at 1pm to see Jakob be awarded with Kids of Character. Charlotte had brought Emma to Sofie Egebjerg where they played together whole afternoon.

June 2

Went to Cunningham Falls the whole day.


June 1

Jakob was playing the last game this season. Ended well 3-2. Emma went to a sleep over together with her Scout Troop at her Scout teacher's place.

May 31

Jakobs birthday, and the day he became a teenager: 13 years.

We all  woke Jakob up by entering his room singing the birthday song. Anna and Emma handed Jakob his presents. In the evening we had invited Kim, Gitte and Sofie. We were barbecuing at the porch until 930pm.

May 29

Today our new home page went live: www.harbo.org


May 27

Memorial day, so John didn't go to work. We spent whole day at Potomac Mills Mall. 350 stores in the same Mall. We came home at 715pm, just in time to experience another severe weather situation with lightning and thunder. Lasted for 1.5 hour with no interruptions between the lightning! Guess who bought another hat?

May 26

Went to an outdoor sports shop to look for kayak's. Fund several but are still investigating where and what to buy. Same day we went back to the lake at Cunningham Falls, but had to leave early because severe weather suddenly became a problem: thunder and lightning.

May 25

We spent the whole day at Cunningham Falls. Kim and Gitte joined us from 1030 to 2pm. Charlotte and John went for a hike up the falls climbing the mountain. The kids mostly played at the beach and played soccer and football. If you would check this site out at http://www.mapquest.com, you will only see a black and white picture. Reason must be that Camp David is located in the same area approximately 1 mile up the mountain.

May 20 through May 23

Monday 20 through Wednesday 23 John participated in a 3 day training session: 7 Habits. 

This last week has been somehow difficult for the Tomatoes: we have had freezing temperatures now 3 nights, and we had to cover the plants. The weather seems to improve from today Thursday 23. See pictures.

Wednesday evening the whole family was at Anna's school at the yearly Mayfair.


May 14

While having dinner we suddenly experienced a very extreme wind condition. One may say a small tornado. It swiped through the neighborhood, and our house was right in the middle of the track. It all lasted 1 or 2 minutes. Later all the neighbors gathered on the street, the police showed up to make sure no one were hurt.


May 13

Today was Charlottes birthday. 


May 3 to May 10.

John was in Houston, TX Tuesday through Thursday.

Line came home with some fine grades in Geometry: highest rank in class.

Anna came home with her second Star in a row: this weeks student.


April 25 to May 3

Saturday Jakob was playing soccer.

Sunday the whole Harbo Family went to say goodbye to the Klercke's. The Klercke's is now living in Tennessee. 

John was in LA Tuesday through Thursday.

May 3 was Emma's 4 year birthday. CH had invited Bente and Christian and Dorthe, Sofie and Marie in the morning. Kim, Gitte and Sofie was invited for dinner.

See pictures from Emma's birthday.


April 21 to April 24

John was again traveling Tuesday 4/23 and Wednesday 4/24. He was in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

John and Charlotte bought more tomato and jalapeno plants.


April 7to April 20

John was traveling Thursday 4/11 and Friday 4/12. He was in Houston, TX. Saturday 4/13: Charlotte and John went out together with Cindy and George for dinner at the Outback.

Sunday 4/14: The first real hot day. Charlotte cleaned the car, washed the outdoor furniture's and mowed the lawn. John had initially started to mow the lawn, but he had an accident and burned his fingers.

John was again traveling Monday through Wednesday. He was in Phoenix, AZ.

Saturday John went to the Klercke's house to get firewood. Then John cut the grass and planted the Tomato plants. The Vegh's came over for coffee and Mark helped John with the Tomatoes.  See the pictures

The whole week was very hot and humid. Sunday the temperature dropped suddenly from 33 to 8 Celsius! 

March 31 to April 6

It has been quiet in our house since the Rafn's left. Charlotte has started an intensive weight loss program, and it really seems to work. Charlotte does not eat much, and she is exercising at the Y minimum 4 times a week. Jakob has started his soccer again but the team lost their first game. 

Veronika, Finn, Lars, Gitte, Anne, Kristian and Kristoffer (the Schimdt's) came to visit us Friday evening. The Schmidt's are living in Luxembourg, but are in the USA on vacation. 


20. March to 30. March

Our life long friends the Family Rafn arrived at Dulles Airport 3/20. John and Emma went to pick up and brought them back to our house. It was an emotional experience to see them again after almost 2 years. The Rafn's left Denmark 6/17/2000 on a sail boat: www.naveren.dk for a circumnavigation of the globe. We left Denmark before they came back. 

Thursday was spent to adjust to the time difference, but also to experience the Maryland schools system: Nicklas and Nadja went to school with Jakob and Line. 

Friday we went to NY/NY. We parked at Manhattan on the corner of 42 and 22. Walked into Central Park to have lunch. Later we walked south to Rockefeller Center and Empire State Building.  We took the metro to Ground Zero, and later we went to Time Square. Spent the night at Hampton Inn at Newark Airport.

Saturday we went to the Statue of Liberty. After the Statue we then traveled north towards Niagara Falls. We reached Buffalo/NY at 6PM, and checked in at Hampton Inn/Buffalo Airport. 

Next day Sunday we went the Falls. We experienced the Falls from both the US and the Canadian side.  Spent most of the day and the evening at the Falls. 

Monday we traveled back to Walkersville/MD.

Tuesday was relaxing and shopping day.

Wednesday John took the Rafn's to Washington DC to see the Air og Space Museum, The Capitol, part of Hirshorne Museum and Smithsonian Castle, and the Washington Monument.

Thursday was relaxing and shopping day. 

Friday we all went to Washington DC. We experienced the Lincoln Memorial, where President number 16 Abraham Lincoln is memorized. After that we went to the Korean War Veterans Memorial and later to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. We saw the The White House, and drove over the Potomac River to visit the Arlington Cemetery. After that we went back to Walkersville to relax. Mogens and Dorthe drove all the way back with the roof down on John's Chrysler Sebring Cabriolet.

Saturday was the Rafn's last day here. We spent the morning walking in the neighborhood and relaxing. John took the Rafn's to Dulles airport at 2PM. John waited until he saw them disappear into the bus for terminal B. Mogens E-mailed Sunday morning CET time that they were back in DK, and they were all doing fine.

We all had a wonderful time together. It is difficult to say goodbye.

See pictures


25. February to 3. March

Monday Emma and CH was at the Y. 

Tuesday Sofie and Dorthe visited CH and Emma. Anna was at the girl scout, and Jakob went to the German lesson.

Wednesday CH and Emma visited the Y, and after school Line visited Kristie. 

Thursday CH and Emma went to the Y, and it was Emma's last swim lesson this time. CH and Emma went to Anna's schools to see her perform in a Japanese session. 

Tuesday and Wednesday John went to Burlington Coat Factory for a Service visit. 

Friday CH, Emma, Gitte, Sofie, Andrea and Konnor went to lunch together, and shopping afterwards. 

Saturday CH went berserk and cleaned the bathroom's in every corner. Finn and Veronika came over to spend the weekend. Kim, Gitte and Sofie came over for coffee in the afternoon. It was 230AM (Sunday) before we all got to bed. Line went to the movies.

Sunday we all went to see a new model home in the neighborhood. CH and Veronika went shopping at Joann's. Jakob went to a soccer game, he played a good game, but it did not help. Anna went to Emily's for a couple of hours.

See pictures.

18. February to 24. February

Monday was Presidents Day, therefore the schools were closed. 


Wednesday CH and Emma visited the Y. 

Tuesday and Wednesday John went to Burlington Coat Factory for a Service visit. 

Thursday CH and Emma visited the Y, and Emma went to her swimm lesson.

Friday Gitte, Sofie, Andrea and Konnor came over for lunch.

Saturday Anna and CH went on a Scout Trip, representing Danish Girl Scouts.

Sunday John repaired the garage port, the basement light and the barbecue. John also installed the outdoor

See pictures.

11. February to 17. February

John was traveling Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He was in Phoenix, Arizona.

Monday CH went to the Y.

Tuesday Anna was at the scout meet. CH went to Cindy's place to make (sew) the curtains. Line went to the nail dresser and has now long golden nails.

CH swam 100 lanes ( 2500 yard) at the Y Wednesday, and after the Y CH went back to Cindy's place to finish the curtains. After dinner CH and the kids went to WAL*MART to bye curtain rod's and ribbons for the 3 windows. John came home at 9PM, and was immediately told to mount the curtain rod's. After that CH mounted the curtains. 

Thursday was Valentines day. Line got chocolate and flowers from some of her (boy) friends. Emma went to her swim lesson at the Y, and after that CH and Emma went to Andrea's place together with Gitte and Bente. They brought lunch.

CH finished the girls curtains Friday. See the result here.

Line's friend Danielle stayed the hole weekend.

Jakob went to soccer 7AM Saturday morning.

Anna and CH went to buy bed covers for Anna, Emma and Jakob.

Jakob and John reconfigured their home Ethernet. Now all 4 PC's are on the network, sharing the same modem.

Anna is now also reachable at E-mail: annnaharbo@yahoo.dk.

CH cleaned John's car inside.

John took both cars to the car wash. (First time for many month)

Sunday was the "not doing anything at all" day, except for John mending bicycle puncture at Emma's Barbie cycle, and removing the X-mas illumination. 

See pictures


2. February to 10. February

Sunday: All six of us went to Harpers Ferry for a walk, and had coffee in the afternoon at the Klerckes. We had to bring Thomas car home.

Monday: Charlotte was babysitting Sarah in the morning, while Cindy was on training session. 

Tuesday: Konnor came at 615 AM. Andrea and Thomas was going to Baltimore. At noon CH went to Kim and Gitte, to baby sit Sofie. 

Wednesday: Was a  quiet day, CH went to the Y.

Thursday: School delayed for 2 hours due to 3 inches of snowfall. Emma didn't get to her swim class, since it was canceled because of the snow. Emma was very disappointed. 

Friday: CH and Cindy went to Jo-Ann's to bye material for curtains for the girls room, and for the living room.

Saturday: Jakob had a soccer game at 3PM. Line was at a County swim meet the hole day. CH was helping out as an official at the meet.

Sunday: Went to Baltimore to visit Finn and Veronika. After lunch the kids were ice skating at Inner Harbor, only 600 meter from Finn and Veronikas house.

See pictures.


26. January to 1. February

Monday: CH and Emma was at the Y. Line had a swim meet. 

Tuesday: CH, Emma, Gitte and Sofie visited Andrea and had lunch at the Klercke's porch. The weather was spring weather with temp 20C, 68F! Anna went to Brownie Scout meet in the evening. The days subject was the Danish Flag. Anna brought a Danish flag and the history behind the Danish Flag Dannebrog

Wednesday: CH and Emma at the Y. (Swimming). Andrea and CH went for lunch.

Thursday: CH and Emma at the Y. Emma at her second swim lesson. CH shopping in Kohls.

Friday: CH was cleaning up 1. floor in the house, and babysitting Konnor in the afternoon. We all went for dinner at Houlihans

Saturday: Jakob went to indoor soccer. CH cleaned up the girls room. Kim, Gitte and Sofie came over for a short visit. CH dyed her hair. (To many gray hairs?) 

All week John has been working many hours. Leaving the house 7AM getting back after 6PM. During the weekends taking a lot of phone calls from the Commissioners.

See pictures.


21. January to 25. January

3 first days of this week the Frederick Schools were closed. 

Walkersville High : Line

Walkersville Middle : Jakob

Glade Elementary : Anna

Monday was Martin Luther Kings birthday. Tuesday and Wednesday was end of semester Staff.

Emma has been a little sick this week, why CH did not go to Y(MCA) for her training.

Wednesday Veronika came over and visited us. Finn was traveling.

Line was in a swim competition Thursday where CH participated as time keeper.

John was traveling all week. Monday and Tuesday in Chicago to start up a new site: Target Marshall Fields. Wednesday in Washington DC at District Photo and Thursday in Philadelphia at Marmaxx.

This was also the week where our snowman melted away, It only took 2 days! It has been a warm week, with up to 13 degrees C!

See pictures.


20. January

Line went to church with her friend Christy.

Rest of the family went shopping in Wal*Mart. 

After the shopping we all built a snowman in the garden.

See pictures.


6. January to 19. January.

John was traveling from Thursday Jan 10 to Sunday Jan 13. 8 persons from Crisplant Inc went to South Carolina to visit VF Playwear, and participate in a 2 day long test. John was home again Sunday at 4PM. See pictures.

Emma started to Swim train on Thursday 1/17.

Line went to a Swim competition on Friday 1/18.

Jakob went to indoor soccer 1/19. 

1/19 was also the first real snowy day here in Walkersville this winter.

See pictures.


2. January to 5. January

More of our US friends has complained that we are writing in Danish. From today we will change the language to English (US).

2nd Jan.: The Schools opened again, so both Anna, Jakob and Line went back to school. CH was back at the Y(MCA) to swim her usual 1.2 mile. Emma were in the Y's playroom. John went to work, and came back at 3 PM. Thomas, Andrea and Konor came out for a visit.

3rd Jan. we went to the dentist to pick up Kim. Kim had been in full anesthesia, since he had to have 2 wisdom teeth removed. Kim was really muzzy, he could hardly walk, but was laughing all the time. CH drove Kim's new Audi 4 1.8T, while Kim was sitting laughing beside John in our van. John installed Windows XP at our Main PC. Seems like it works better than Windows 2000. It is faster, but of course Norton Anti virus didn't work since we had the 2001 version. 

4th Jan. Bought the 2002 Norton Anti Virus and installed it. Did not do much more than this, except for John who got several phone calls from more of his Commissioners.

5th. Jan: Jakob went to this years first indoor soccer game. Did not go well at all: 4-8.

No pictures, but we have inserted new pictures at our Picture Gallery.


30. December og 1. Januar

Søndag blev de sidste ting indkøbt til nytårsaften. 

Mandag (Nytårsaften) blev der lavet/forberedt mad det meste af dagen. Huset blev gjort rent og der blev pyntet op. Gitte og Kim, Veronica og Finn, Cindy og George og én af Lines venner: Andrew var inviteret. Gitte ringede og meldte afbud da hun ikke følte sig 100% tilpas. Vi satte os til bords klokken 7 og kom først der fra igen lige inden klokken 12. Vi fik kold kogt laks på salat bund med store rejer ved siden. Hovedretten bestod af ovn glaseret skinke med flødekartofler og salat. Desert: ovnbagt æblekage og frugt salat. Cindy og George tog afsked klokken 2 og vi andre gik i seng ved 4 tiden. Veronika og Finn blev og overnattede.  Tirsdag fik vi sen morgenmad og senere gik vi (Finn, Veronika, CH og John) en lang tur. Efter turen eksperimenterede Finn og John med at lave Stichede billeder. (Merge flere billeder samme til et billede) Dette er en facilitet i Johns nye kamera. Fik champingnon suppe til frokost. Sofie, Gitte og Kim kom til eftermiddagskaffe. Sofie er en nem lille sag, som ikke laver andet end at sove og spise. Ikke en lyd gav hun fra sig mens de var hos os. Se billeder.


This is our diary year 2002.

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