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John went to Johannesburg 17/01 and was back in Randers February 8. He was in Johannesburg to help out with the Operations of the ORT where FKIL has a contract to Maintenance and Operation's of Baggage Handling System. John lost some Electronic equipment while traveling from Johannesburg to Denmark.

John was off Monday and Tuesday 12 and 13. Relaxing and did nothing except went to the hairdresser Stig tuesday morning at 0615.

Charlotte was of 12/2 Tuesday, 13/2 Wednesday and 14/2 Thursday.



Visited Kim, Gitte as usual. They announced thay had bought a new Home. 



Charlotte is working this weekend. 

John and Anna went out with the Newspapers/Commercials.



John went to South Africa (again). At arrival in Johannesburg (ORTIA: OR Tambo International Airport) John's suitcase wasn't at the conveyors when everyone else from the flight KL 591 had left and gone through customs. Only 1 suitcase was left at the conveyor and it did look quit a lot like mine so I decided to open it to see who the owner was. Found a business card inside and tried to call the number which was a US number in Minneapolis. Got the wife of the owner of the suitcase on the phone and after a long explanation (the line was bad and there was a delay of 6 to 10 sec) I managed to get a South African phone number belonging to the person that the owner of the suitcase were visiting. The number showed up to be to long and after trying several different possibilities I finally found the right combination, because now someone were answering the phone. This was a lady who told that her husband were in the airport picking up someone, and she gave me a mobile number to try. I dialed the mobile number and got Ernest on the phone. He was riding together with Mr. Matter who was the owner of the suitcase. I then got Mr. Matter on the phone and I convinced him that he had my suitcase. After another 20 minutes I met with them and we exchanged the suitcases. 



















Arrived at 2125 Local time in Johannesburg. The airport is now using the new terminal. Caught my shuttle and checked in at Garden Court at 2210. Wanted to change room but have to wait until tomorrow. There is a wireless connection, however the price is 100 Rand for 100 minutes. That's expensive! Spoke to Charlotte.



When arriving at the FKIL Office the Domestic sorter had a breakdown: the table which the CSC uses to direct transfer luggage to International sorter was 1 week old and all luggage which was supposed to go to International was dumped in Dump chute. NRO was already looking at the problem and Hotline was involved. Decided to call BJC directly and BJC was already alerted by Hotline and looking at the problem. Couldn't see any problems except that the socket connection which is used for this wasn't ok. We were informed by BJC to reboot both International CSC and Domestic CSC to get the connection up again. This was done in cooperation with ACSA/Nina and after another 15 min the system was OK. Afterwards while we were observing the table in Domestic we realized that the table was being re-downloaded each minute. the reason for this is that the table is coming from the International CSC which is receiving a new table every minute from the SAC, and the International CSC then transfers this new table to the Domestic CSC each minute. This is possibly not the very best way to do this: why not only transfer a new table each time changes has taken place in the table in the SAC? Will be added to the Loglist as outstanding issue to be investigated.

Meeting with AWA, Coos, NRO. Also meeting with Nina from ACSA promising her that I will perform training of her staff. Went through a test to be able to get my ACSA Permit. Don't know if I passed: it was a freshen up test and I wasn't to prepared to answer the questions about how close to the engines you are allowed to be when engines are running on an aircraft. I am hoping to get my permit Monday. I also had a meeting with Bernice and Ann to inform about procedure for invoicing FKIL DK and to discuss (instruction) how the Time Sheets from NRO and WPR is to handled in the future. Together with NRO we went to see the new control room and went to see the server room.



Received a message from NRO at 1110 that the Domestic CSC had problems and that Hotline were working on this. Called Hotline and MTO explained that he was right now working on getting the CSC back to normal. Asked him to report back to me when finished.

Worked on my E mails all morning till 1300. Was invited to visit NRO Saturday afternoon. NRO picked me up at 1300. We were together with Rennet and Mike and Nick were cooking a delicious meal. Back in hotel at 2300.



Worked out a preliminary/temporary plan for the next week. Otherwise relaxing in Hotel room.



Worked most of the day on my Permit. It showed up that since I didn't have a note in my Visa that I would be working in RSA, then I could get a Permit issued. So I had to ask ACSA for help. Pieter Sebande guided me through the various offices including a office on Air side before I finally got the note written into my Visa. Later that day I got my Permit. Had a meeting with Nina and Peter Sebande explaining them about our plan. Participated in a meeting with AWA, Coos and FLA going through the Loglist.



Another incident happened today at Domestic where the table wasn't mirrored from International to Domestic. After several phone calls I found that this problem already was described by BJC and sent to PEN who had announced to HKS that SW fixes would be ready by the end of Feb.. Use most of the day discussing this issue with PEN, HKS, BJC, NRO and FLA. We did not reach a solution. However we decided to do a change in both CSC (Int. and Dom) to eliminate the risk of log files growing to fast. Theses changes was installed at 2100 in domm and 2230 in int. Afterwards we started to run SPS 01 Int. in Cycle and were testing all wedges for errors. Found 2 Wedges damaged (Wedge not Out) and found 1 Cart defective with a broken arm.

The CSC in Domestic again stopped all services due to a HD almost full. After cleaning up on the HD and after the clean job was run, the HD was 72 % full. We couldn't get the Flight table to upload to International and we had to call BJC to get help. This was at 0415. BJC found a SW bug and we tried to get it fixed before production start but no luck. So we left the site at 0530.



Back on site at 1030. Participated in 2 meetings which lasted until 1600. Went back to hotel to rest, but had to coordinate several issues so no rest. Left the Hotel again at 1900. 



On site at 1100. Several meetings during the day. 

Training of FKIL personnel in the evening from 2100 to 1000. The agenda is to explain about the Wedge and how the Tilting is functioning at the sorter. There are 12 participants, which is 8 too much.



On Site at 1000. Worked all day on E mails and meetings with AWA and Coos. One of the issues were to arrange to have Maintenance to replace the defective sorter section in Domestic. In the evening we (NRO) performed training for 12 FKIL persons. The same agenda as from 24/01. Left site at 0200.

The domm CSC core dumped at 2015 and this caused the connection between International and Domestic to get out of sync., which then caused both CSC not to interchange Flightable for transfer. We decided to wait to recover for this until 2300 because the International was busy with the last flights, and Domestic were finished for the day, which meant that the fault didn't disturb production. Recovery form the fault was performed at 2310.



Woke up at 0830. Checked up at Domm and saw the sorter 98 % full and all heading for No Read. There were no diagnoses indicating any errors and the OH scanner seemed to be OK. Called AWA and had him to call the Control room. Control room said no problems, only a slow working IN operator at No Read IN. Waited 1 hours and still the same. Received SMS from MTO/Hotline that the Connection between CSC and SAC had been down and therefore everything went to No Read. BJC were informed and he fixed the connection from the SAC. Informed AWA.



Training How To Tilt.

SW installation.

More failures with the sync of the CSC and Flight tables




Replacing the HD at Domestic CSC.

Restored Tape at Domestic.

Testing E-stop.

Repairing Lamps at Full and E-stops.

Changing Config in CSC to get E stop Lamps to work.

Sync of flight tables does not work.

Training how to Tilt.




The Mics was down 2 times today.

Hotline Contract with Riian




Hotline Contract with Riian finalized.




FLA leaving.



Spend the day with MEM.



Spend all Day in Hotel.

No Internet.